ONB Connects – Provincial Connector Program
in Partnership with Post-Secondary Training, Education and Labour (PETL)

What is ONB Connects?

ONB Connects is a simple formalized networking process that matches Connectors with job ready Connectees to help build a professional network and connect to the local labour market.

  • Connectors are local business people, civil servants, young professionals and community leaders.
  • Connectees are job ready newcomers & local and International graduates.

How does ONB Connects work?

MATCH: Job ready newcomers & local and International recent graduates, pre-qualified as Connectees, are matched with volunteer Connectors.  The match aligns the goals of the Connectee with the industry, professional background and interests of the Connector.

CONNECT: The matched Connector and Connectee meet in person for 30 minutes to discuss:

  • Professional backgrounds
  • Skills and areas of expertise
  • Sector related news
  • Labour market trends

REFER: The Connector introduces the Connectee to a minimum of three individuals within their network who will, in turn, do the same.  The Connectee is responsible to coordinate meetings with the additional referrals.


  • Experienced in their industry and has a strong network
  • Often found making introductions within social, cultural, professional and economic circles
  • Actively involved in community and/or industry
  • Willing to support newcomers and new graduates build strong networks to retain them in New Brunswick


  • Feel a sense of achievement by helping keep talent in New Brunswick
  • Contribute to greater community engagement
  • Increase awareness about their organization and industry
  • Add value to their network by connecting people who could benefit from knowing each other
  • Access a talent pool of exceptional newcomers and recent graduates


  • Job ready and actively looking to launch their career in New Brunswick
  • Proficient in English and/or French
  • Legally entitled to work in Canada
  • Graduate of a post-secondary program


  • Gather insights into the local job market
  • Build a strong professional network in record time
  • Establish connections to improve the likelihood of finding employment
  • Gain valuable feedback about their job search strategy and career path
  • Become a future CONNECTOR