As a CONNECTOR, you are:

  • Experienced in your industry and have a strong network
  • Often found making introductions within social, cultural, professional and economic circles
  • Actively involved in community and/or industry
  • Willing to support newcomers and new graduates build strong networks to retain them in New Brunswick

By becoming a connector, you can:

  • Feel a sense of achievement by helping keep talent in New Brunswick
  • Contribute to greater community engagement
  • Increase awareness about your organization and industry
  • Add value to your own network by connecting people
  • Access a talent pool of exceptional newcomers and recent graduates

A well-established professional network is an important part of any career and networking is a valuable tool for any professional.

Research has shown that up to 80% of available positions are never advertised – they are filled by word of mouth.  Who you know matters. To better grow relationships and connections within your industry or community, start with these helpful resources.

Through our extensive network of professionals, Connectors, ONB Connects provides valuable formal networking opportunities to members of our partner programs in New Brunswick.  The program continues to actively seek partnerships with various organizations to offer opportunities to job-ready new graduates, international students, and newcomers enrolled in these programs.

We’re currently working exclusively with members of the following provincial organizations:

Atlantic Study & Stay – New Brunswick Program