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Help build a brighter future for New Brunswick.

ONB Connects is driven by our network of Connectors.

Become a Connector - why join

From well-known business and community leaders, with business expertise and networks to leverage, to literally anyone with a connection to share. All New Brunswickers have a role to play.

Connectors can live in New Brunswick or abroad. They can be studying or working in the public, private or non‐profit sectors.

Here are some of the ways our Connectors are helping create economic growth in our province:

  • Helping make connections ONB can use to develop relationships and attract investment opportunities to our province
  • Introducing NB business owners to connections around the globe, to help with business growth and long-term success
  • Promoting the province, helping to inspire business leaders to do business with NB companies, or expand or locate their business in NB
  • Mentoring NB entrepreneurs
  • Promoting our partners in economic development
  • Participating in the development and sharing of success stories

It’s easy to help.

Do you have a connection to share? Are you passionate about promoting and growing New Brunswick?

Become a Connector - why join
and help build a brighter future for our province! Your connections will help us build relationships with:

  • Other Connectors
  • Industry leaders or influencers
  • Companies in growth mode
  • Potential partners, investors, industry leaders, influencers or potential clients in growing markets for NB companies.

View our video, featuring a host of New Brunswick’s outstanding young entrepreneurs.